Congratulations on PPAG video – Spaces and Places.
Please know that Spaces and Places video has been an amazing educational tool to inform and create awareness in young people.
We use the video at least three times a week in our Choices Youth Retreat Program and in our Volunteer Orientation and Training.
To date (April, 2010) approximately 1500 young people and adults has seen the video through our various programs.
It’s important to point out that KT Choices Retreat Program for high school students in Peel was created as a result of many Peel schools taking their students into Toronto to expose them to poverty and homelessness. Knights Table identified a need to educate and create awareness on social justice issues with young people, hence, the Choices Program. Over 3000 students have participated to date.
Knights Table, Brampton
(Knights Table serves free meals to the needy every day)


Questions asked and student quotes:

What was the most valuable thing you learned in the workshop?
-“the video- [there is] poverty right here in Brampton.”

What did you like most about the retreat?
“the video was very informative”
“I loved the volunteers and the sisters! They were so cute – the video was good too!”

“I really liked the video and found it educational”
“The video was truly touching! Gave me a new perspective.”
“The video was very touching! I really liked it. You should show it to other schools too.”
“The video was very educational and gives much insight into the lives of homeless people and what they have to go through.”
“I liked the video. It was very touching. I was able to understand their condition a little better & gain some insight.
“The video was good to see because I was able to understand a little bit better what they were going through. I think the video should be played again for the next group.”
“I thought the video was very informative.”
“In my home back in India, there are millions and billions of people who are hungry and don’t have shelter! But there’s nobody to help. Seriously, I just came to know after watching this video that there are millions [in Canada] of people who are hungry, don’t have shelter and don’t have money. But I am HAPPY, that in here there are places that help those people, such as Knights Table.”

“Things I did not know, that caught me off guard – 11,500 families [on affordable housing wait list] – many people in the downtown core suffering from substance abuse. And 167,000 suffer from poverty. Mind blowing.”
What St. Anthony’s says about Spaces and Places
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